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This is where Jason saves quotes, videos, pictures and other awesome stuff that doesn't quite fit into The Art of Ass-Kicking.
Oct 9 '12

How Marissa Mayer Made the Decision to Join Google

When faced with a difficult decision, Mayer likes to create a spreadsheet.

“I like to do matrices,” she told NPR. “One option per line, different facets for each column. Salary, location, happiness index, failure index, and all that.” That spring, her matrix pointed her toward Google. “To my credit, I actually gave Google a hundred times more likely chance of succeeding than any of the other start-ups [from which she got offers], because I gave them a 2 percent chance of success. I gave all the other start-ups a .02 percent chance of success.” Google also met two of Mayer’s other conditions for maximizing personal success: Always work with the smartest people you can find, and always be in a little over your head. 

I’m reading a lot about decision making and while algorithms can be scary and impersonal, they often work very well as decision making in a way that’s better than chance.

(Source: New York Magazine)

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